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YOBA (Your Own Business App) is a complete solution for businesses in the service, retail or hospitality industries and incorporates all of the components required to maintain a digital presence. Featuring Service management, job scheduling and job tracking, customers, sales quotation and follow-up management, a state of the art Point of Sale system with Quick Touch ordering, Analytics and Reporting, Digital Menu Boards, all fully integrated to a order management dashboard.

YOBA enables complete digital transformation within the business and can be tailored to suit the individual business requirements.

Developed in Australia for small and medium sized businesses, YOBA provides everything that your business needs to trade online and through bricks and mortar locations, manage staff, jobs, sales quotations and orders.

YOBA is ideal for service industries, florists, retail and hospitality with custom features available for each market segment.

Some of the key features incorporated into YOBA include …

Job tracking, job scheduling and service management

Sales quotation and follow-up management

Customer management

Point of Sale

Fully functional e-commerce website

Digital Signage


Time Clock

Shop Management

Order Management

Table Management

Inventory Management and stock control

Delivery Management

Work Station Management

Reservation Management

Employee Management

Reporting and Analytics

QR Code Generator Reader and Generator

Customer Ordering App

Loyalty and Rewards

Online Payments

Push Notifications

BYOD support

Themed version

YOBA is the only solution that incorporates all of this functionality natively, ie, YOBA does not rely on third party software. This results in a consistent user interface requiring minimal staff training and the confidence that everything works. There are no integration problems or finger pointing when things go wrong.