Point of Sale


YOBA features a fully integrated POS perfectly tailored for both hospitality and retail industries.

As a fully integrated solution the POS integrates natively with other YOBA features such as order management, table management, e-commerce web site, digital menu boards, etc. This blending of functionality, controlled from one central source (the POS) makes the system a joy to use.

Hardware Support

Operating Systems

YOBA is available on all major operating systems (IOS, Android, Windows, Mac) as a free app download.


Docket printing is fully supported on Windows and MAC platforms using standard industry ESC/POS compatible thermal printers.

Cash Drawers

Industry standard cash draw hardware that’s controlled from the thermal printer is fully supported.

If you require new hardware contact us for pricing.

Unlimited products

YOBA supports unlimited product categories and unlimited products with up to 10 sell prices per product item, all easily configured from the point of sale system.

Example Category Maintenance
Example Item Maintenance

Items and/or category groups can be configured for public facing channels (web, native app, digital menu boards, etc) in addition to the pos.

Auto adjusts for any display type

Example phone display

YOBA is engineered to auto scale and auto rotate based on the device orientation. This allows YOBA to run equally well on a computer monitor, tablet or phone and gives staff the ability to use their own devices. Some common examples of this are waitresses taking table orders or concierges taking reservations. Due to the rise of popularity of the smart phone, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is becoming more and more common within business landscapes and YOBA is the ideal solution for these environments.

Quick Touch ordering example for a florist business

Suitable for any industry

Quick Touch ordering designs can accommodate any industry.

For example, a cafe selling coffee would offer milk and sugar options.

  • Invoice, Receipt and Docket printing with smart print manager. Send order dockets to the required work station printer (ideal in multiple printer environments)
  • Inventory control with automatic out of stock warnings displayed on menu boards and customer ordering apps.
  • Cash register draw control
  • In-store, Online, Phone and Table orders supported
  • Fully integrated to the order management dashboard. Unpaid orders such as Takeaway phone orders are easily identified and historical orders can be quickly located
  • Table Management
  • Split payments and Select-able payment items both supported
  • Quick Search (quickly locate inventory items and order dockets)
  • Quick Touch smart ordering
  • Discounts
  • Refunds
  • Batched order payments
  • Intuitive to use and requires minimal staff training

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