DIY Shopping

Give your customers an enhanced shopping experience with DIY Shopping. Your customers can browse, order and pay in addition to many other features such as order scheduling (avoid the queue), table reservations and waitress call button (You control which features are accessible to your customers)

Self service options reduce mistakes, decrease costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Customers can shop direct via either your Themed YOBA App or the YOBA Shopping App.

YOBA themed apps

App Clutter

A 21st century problem

The popularity of the smart phone and app stores as resulted in a new problem known as app clutter. Apps that don’t get used much run the risk of being deleted.

To overcome this problem we have made the YOBA Shopping app which enables customers to use one app to shop from any businesses on the YOBA network.

Although larger businesses prefer to have a native app available to their customers (e.g, Dominoes Pizza and McDonald’s), smaller businesses that receive smaller order volumes and don’t require a Themed App can use the free YOBA Shopping App. Customers can connect to your shop by scanning your QR Code or manually searching for your business name within the app.

Customers can build a list of their favorite shops and quickly jump between shops to browse, order and pay.

YOBA Shopping App is available as a free download from the app stores. See YOBA Shopping App for further information.