Easily manage online orders

YOBA Order Management

Easily manage orders at scale with the intuitive order management dashboard. Smaller businesses that receive infrequent orders can use email or push notifications to notify them of new orders however larger businesses will appreciate the flexibility of the order management dashboard.

Some of the many features available in the order management dashboard.

  • Track all orders from cradle to grave
  • Quickly identify staff associated with an order
  • Quickly locate a historical order
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Configurable escalation alarms
  • Work flow management
  • Sort and filter the dashboard to suit individual requirements
  • Adjustable ticket number generator

YOBA enables a business owner to manage their business anywhere at any time from any device. Data is available at their fingertips 24 x 7 and business owners are free to mange their business from their phone or tablet anywhere at any time

Download the free POS with order management now.