Delivery Management

Manage your deliveries and your delivery staff

YOBA Delivery Management provides a complete solution to process and manage delivery orders.
Ideal for both hospitality and retail, YOBA Delivery Management can be tailored to suit the business operation requirements.

Some of the many features include:

  • Minimum Order Value
  • Scheduled deliveries with blocked out date control
  • Maximum order time for same day delivery
  • Deliver anywhere or limit deliveries to nominated postcodes
  • Optional delivery surcharge based on a flat fee or percentage of order
  • Delivery driver work queue with optional mandated order acceptance and secure order collect features
  • Deliver drivers can upload a confirmation photo of the delivery
  • Integrated to the Gig Guide for contract drivers
  • Real time delivery status updates with color coded icons to indicate the delivery status

Delivery Dashboard

The delivery dashboard can display all jobs waiting delivery or a subset of jobs that have been allocated to a driver.

The delivery dashboard displays a running list of orders that need to be delivered with the total count displayed on the home screen Delivery Dashboard icon. If the logged in user is configured to only see their own deliveries (ie, the business allocates the delivery job to a driver) then the total count will only show a total of their jobs.

Each job is displayed with the order no/order status, payment status, delivery address with Google Maps integration for instant navigation directions, the receiver name (with hot click contact options), requested date and any notes for the delivery driver.

Business owners can determine which staff can access the Delivery Dashboard and also whether staff can see all deliveries or just the ones allocated to them.

Delivery jobs can be stamped as successful delivery or failed delivery along a relevant reason and delivery drivers can upload a photo of the successful delivery.

Features Overview

With the wide range of configurable options YOBA Delivery Management provides a business owner with the tools they need to thrive.

Customer Ordering App

Customers will have the option to select home delivery with the following additional fields added to the order:
Delivery Address (2 x address lines, suburb)
Receivers Name and phone number
Preferred Delivery Date (select from a drop down calendar)
Special instructions (notes for the driver)
Online status will show Deliveries Paused if the shop owner temporarily suspends delivery orders.
Customers can rate their delivery with a score of 1-5

Minimum Order Value

Delivery’s can be limited to orders above a certain value.

Scheduled Deliveries

Customers can request a scheduled delivery by selecting a date from the drop down calendar. Business owners can block out days based on the day of the week or nominated dates such as public holidays.

Latest Order Time for same day delivery

Business owners can set a maximum time allowed for same day deliveries. Any orders entered after this time will be forced to select the next day for scheduled deliveries.

Delivery Fee

The delivery fee can be a flat rate or it can be determined based on suburb/postcode. If the delivery fee is configured based on postcode lookup, businesses can limit the areas that they deliver to.

Delivery Surcharge

A delivery surcharge fee can be automatically added to every order. The surcharge can be a flat fee or a percentage of order with a maximum capped fee.

Color coded delivery status icon

A colour coded delivery status indicator column shows the progress of the delivery in the Order Management Dashboard as follows:
White truck icon – order needs to be delivered
Blue truck icon – order has been accepted by the driver
Orange truck icon – order has been collected by the driver
Green truck icon – order has been delivered
White Calendar icon – Scheduled delivery
Red Calendar icon – Late scheduled delivery

Delivery Drivers

YOBA Delivery Management enables businesses to define their delivery processes. For example, small shops such as a florist might only have one delivery driver and do not require the delivery driver to sign for goods prior to delivery whereas a busy takeaway food shop that used sub-contract drivers might require that each driver quotes a unique pin number associated with each order in order to collect the goods for delivery. This helps to prevent fraud in busy shops.

YOBA suits both models.

Optional mandated Accept and Collect

To collect the goods the driver must quote a unique security code. This starts a timer (for reporting purposes) and where push notifications are enabled, an automatic push notification is sent to the customer informing them that the delivery driver is on the way.

Star and Verification rating

Based on feedback received from customers, each driver is given a star rating and in the case of verified drivers (e.g, drivers that have provided ID and passed background checks) they are given a Verified rating. Business owners can use the verified and star ratings when deciding which drivers to allocate jobs to.