Quotation Management

YOBA Quotation Management system

Generate and email professional PDF quotes on the fly
Track quotations and manage follow-ups

Feature Overview

Quote item options

Quotes can include a header and footer in addition to various options for the quote body. The quote body can contain lines of text, text with price or inventory items (requires inventory module).

Line item pricing can be automatically calculated for items selected from the inventory module. This includes items configured for smart pricing such as volume based pricing, depth or distance calculations.

Auto-Generate PDF quote documents
PDF quote documents can be a simple one page quote or a multi-page document that incorporates an About Us section with photo and description on the front page, special terms on the quote page and a final page with your standard trading terms and conditions. PDF’s can also be tailored to include a banner header image for your business letterhead. Generated PDF files are automatically sent to the email address that you specify and you are blind copied on each email for your own records.

Quotation Follow-Up
Quotations that are marked for future follow up disappear from the management dashboard until the nominated time arrives. They return to the management dashboard with a status of “Follow-Up”.