3rd Party apps

Third party apps are a great way to acquire new customers but can you really afford to give away up to one third of the order value in commissions for the life of the customer? Forbes have written an excellent article about this … see Why Uber Eats Will Eat You Into Bankruptcy.

Many business owners assume that third party apps are all they need to get online and make a profit however the truth is far from this. Rather than relying on third party sales channels, a far more effective business strategy would be to use them to acquire new customers and then encourage those customers to deal direct for future orders. This could be through a wider variety of choices with better pricing or simply by trusting that Aussies like to see the little guy succeed and resent shipping all of the business profits to overseas billion dollar companies.

YOBA (Your Own Business App) is completely free of commissions and connects businesses directly with their customers.

With YOBA the business gets paid when the customer pays and the business owns the customer relationship end to end.

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