YOBA Shopping App

YOBA Shopping is a free shopping app that enables customers to connect with any shop on the YOBA network. Customers can view your shop information (phone, web, email, Facebook, Instagram, address, etc) with interactive options for each. For example, if your shop is configured to show the shop address to the public then the Google Maps option will be enabled giving customers easy navigation directions to your shop.

YOBA Shopping allows you to consolidate your contact information into one spot.

Customers can connect with your shop by scanning your QR Code or manually searching for your shop. Once located your shop is added to the My Shops list in the app where it will remain unless the customer removes it from the list.

Customers can quickly jump to a shop, browse, order and pay whilst maintaining a detailed purchase history for each shop.

As YOBA Shopping is fully integrated your shop open/closed sign is automatically displayed (if enabled) along with online ordering availability, trading hours and any other information that you have set.

YOBA Shopping is available as a free download from the Apple and Google app stores and can be downloaded here.