It’s time for customers to DIY

A common problem plaguing many industries is finding, training and retaining staff.

With YOBA customers can DIY many things which can help to reduce your employee costs. Reservations, Table selection, Ordering and Table closing with final tab settlement can all be done safely and securely by customers and simply offering customers the options to do this will improve the overall customer experience. As an example, one of the many unique YOBA features available is the Waitress Call Button which enables a customer that has registered to a table to summon their waitor/waitress. In many cases, seated customers need to call their waitor/waitress to the table to request simple items such as cutlery, salt, sauce, etc. With YOBA the customer can message their waitor/waitress with their requirements resulting in the waitor/waitress attending the table one rather than twice. The staff appreciate the technology and the customer gains a better experience whilst reducing the costs on the business. It’s win win all round

  • Increased Sales
    Increase your order volume and order value
  • Decreased Costs
    The true paperless workplace has arrived. Reduced consumable consumption such as printing and stationary goes a long way to helping the planet while at the same time reducing business costs.
  • Unlimited, free advertising.
    Advertise directly to your customers as much as you want, when ever you want for free.
  • Zero commissions on orders
    Own your own app and free yourself from third party commissions
  • Get closer to your customers
    Increase loyalty, engagement and retention rates with Push Notifications
  • Loyalty and Rewards systems

Increased Profits

Increased sales and reduced costs can only mean one thing …

Better profits!

Business Branding

Some of the more intangible benefits include your business branding and App store presence. Are you advertising someone else’s brand (Uber Eats, MenuLog, Deliveroo, etc) which charge you a commission to receive an order (in addition to advertising competitors in their app) or are you advertising your own app that is free of commissions and third party control?

If a customer visits your shop and asks if you have an app do you send them to a competitor (Uber Eats, MenuLog, Deliveroo, etc) which will take a commission on that customers order do you encourage your customer to deal direct?

Offering an enhanced shopping experience that successfully integrates your services, products, people and processes will significantly improve your customer loyalty. The Customer Experience is a key differentiator in the modern world. Online shoppers choose convenience over price however with YOBA a business owner can offer both.

The Smartphone Revolution

Smartphones have become more than just a phone. They are a remote control for our lives and enable businesses to connect directly with their customer. The App Revolution has changed the way we live.

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