Increase Sales

Increase your sales with YOBA (Your Own Business App)

YOBA enables a business to increase sales and profitability in a number of ways

Get more customers and more orders

Advertising – With Push Notifications YOBA gives the business owner the tools they need to advertise to their customers, when ever they want, as much as they want, totally Free. The ability to send regular promotions, reminders, etc and to stay in direct contact with customers gives the business a killer way to directly increase sales. Push Notifications are an effective way to directly increase sales.

Increase your target audience
It’s clear that Millenials are now the prime economy and that they shop exclusively via their smartphone. An improved customer experience delivered through the customers smartphone will attract this key demographic. YOBA features integrated social media sharing enabling customers to self promote the business to their friends which can substantially grow your target audience.

Up-Sell (Increase the average order value)

Up-selling is made easy with intuitive interfaces and tailored product specific order options. The old days of web based shopping karts are over. There’s always a percentage of customers that, when given the option or asked “Do you want fries with that?” will say yes. The key is to give them the option without annoying them.

YOBA (Your Own Business App) has been engineered from the ground up with the customer experience in mind. It’s now easy to up-sell an order without upsetting customers. We don’t ask “Do you want fries with that?”, we present options which customers perceive as good service rather than an obvious up-sell. Customers appreciate freedom of choice.

Customers appreciate the elegant interface stylized to each individual business.

Improve the customer experience

Product, Price and Service are no longer enough to differentiate one business from another. The customer experience is now the key to obtaining customer loyalty.

YOBA (Your Own Business App) provides an enhanced shopping experience from the time the customer opens the app through to product browsing, selection, ordering and payment.

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