Mobile is the key to millennial loyalty

Mobile is the key to millennial loyalty

It’s no longer the question whether the mobile experience is important or not. By 2019, mobile search will generate 27.8 billion more queries than desktop search.

Millennials have gone from fiery upstarts to the focal point of our economy and now make up the largest population cohort the U.S. has ever seen, they hold $200 billion in spending power, and it’s estimated that millennials could soon generate GDP growth of 3% or more – at least a percentage point higher than the current levels.

According to Nielsen research – When looking at smartphone owners by age, penetration is highest among Millennials aged 18-24, 98% of whom own smartphones. Millennials aged 25-34 are right on their heels, with a 97% ownership rate, followed by Gen Xers aged 35-44 at 96%, making smartphones nearly ubiquitous among these generational segments.

Compared to older age groups, millennials are much more interested in discovering new apps, paying for apps, and making in-app payments — about 20% download an average of one paid app per month and more than 20% of millennials said they deleted an app in the past year because of how it looked on their home screen.

According to eMarketer, 90% of U.S. millennial smartphone users have their phones within arm’s reach 24/7.

This makes it clear that mobile = priority #1 to communicate with the economy’s most lucrative demographic.

A bad mobile experience can do serious damage to a shops brand and result in losses to the business. According to WOW Local Marketing:

  • 52% of customers are less likely to engage with the company because of bad mobile experience.

As a bad mobile experience can drive customers away (permanently) it’s important to get it right. YOBA is engineered from the ground up to enhance the customer experience with a friendly intuitive interface that helps bring the business closer to it’s customers.