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YOBA Gig Guide

For many business owners that would like to get online, home delivery is a problem. Many pizza shops employ delivery drivers but most small businesses don’t. Until now, the only solution for home delivery was to give away a large chunk (in many cases > 100% of their available profit) to companies such as Uber and MenuLog. See Forbes article on why this is a bad idea.

It seems that the community is full of willing workers, happy to accept work in the gig economy so we decided to help level the playing field and build a gig platform for Aussie businesses.

Business owners can advertise a delivery requirement on the YOBA Gig guide which anyone in the community is free to respond to. The business owner gets to choose his/her delivery driver, the terms of the engagement and the negotiated price for delivery. There is no middle man raking a margin off the top.

A fair, open gig guide to help link workers with work opportunities. This enables community shops to “Share” a delivery driver in their area.

Community Shopping

Aussies like to tell their mates when they find something good. For a business this could be a referral to another friendly business, such as a local hairdressing business, beauty salon, manicurist, podiatrist, beauty therapist and massage service. These trustworthy referrals help the business improve trustworthiness and loyalty with it’s customers.

The idea of shops referring other shops has grown into what we call Community Shopping. It enables a business to cross promote other businesses and for their customers to share a single app.

In the 80’s we worked ourselves into remote control clutter frenzy with the invention of the DVD player. VCR, TV, Stereo Amp, CD, etc and in the 21st century we run the risk of the digital equivalent, app clutter.

We have thought long and hard about this issue and have solved it with YOBA Community Shopping.