A Fully Managed Service

We do it all

Small businesses have a wide selection of technology choices to choose from these days but unfortunately the large selection can be confusing and overwhelming. Very few business owners are IT experts or have the time to experiment and test various technologies to see what works for them and trial and error puts the business reputation at risk. To overcome these problems, YOBA is provided as a fully managed service.

  • Consultation
    We do not commit to a project without 100% confidence that our proposal will solve the business problems identified. Consultation with the business manager is a key part of this process. During this time we will assess any existing hardware for compatibility in addition to other infrastructure such as network cabling and WiFi infrastructure.
  • Project management
    We project manage the solution from inception to deployment and handover and where required co-ordinate with other suppliers including photographers and graphic designers.
  • Installation
    All installations are performed by trained specialists.
  • Configuration
  • Payment Gateway integration
    Integration to Stripe payment gateway for credit/debit card payments
  • Cloud database configuration and administration
  • Design and Build Android, IOS customer ordering app
  • Integration to Google Firebase Messaging (push notifications)
  • App stores submissions and management (customer ordering app)
  • Acceptance testing
  • Staff training
  • Generate and host a QR Code service
  • Ongoing upgrades
  • Technical support

In other words, we are responsible for the entire process from conception to handover. Business managers have enough to worry about without adding cutting edge technology problems to the mix.

Cloud Technology

YOBA is designed and deployed as a hybrid cloud model. Data is stored securely in the cloud and business owners can forget about data storage and security, data backups and server maintenance.

Local onsite hardware can fail however the business can still operate as the data is secure in the cloud and available via any mobile, tablet or desktop computer that has the YOBA app installed.