DoorDash Scam Found To Be Fraudulently Charging People Who Didn’t Even Have The App

By Becky Robertson of Eat & Drink

Food delivery has been absolutely booming amid pandemic lockdown, which is perhaps what made a new DoorDash scam all the more easy to pull off.

People across Canada and the U.S. recently found themselves hit with random debit charges from the California-based takeout delivery service — even those that have never even heard of the app.

North of the border, the scam appeared to be limited to TD customers, some of who lost hundreds of dollars in phony charges for orders they didn’t place and DashPass memberships they didn’t sign up for.

An exposé from the CBC found multiple citizens across six provinces including Ontario had been charged, even those who live in remote areas where DoorDash isn’t even offered. 

It also seems that many of the targets weren’t even existing DoorDash customers, making the methodology of how the fraudsters got their banking info all the more sketchy.

The origins of the scam and who is behind it have yet to come to light, but DoorDash has said that it is taking the situation very seriously and has worked with TD to resolve the issue through reimbursements.

The company is in hot water for a number of other reasons as of late, including a class action lawsuit claiming it has been purposely diverting business away from restaurants who didn’t partner with it, creating phony landing pages and then listing them as “closed” to customers.