The Road to Success…

We do more than simply design your app. Our Network of trained consultants will help you transition to the next generation of commerce. Apps built from the Shop Front Online technology framework are fully featured for both the customer & the shop owner. This unique combination of front & back office features makes the Shop Front system a complete turnkey solution for any business wishing to conduct App based commerce.


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Cloud Technology

Built with Cloud technology, Shop Front Online is flexible, scalable, reliable and secure. By taking advantage of the technologies the Cloud  has to offer Shop Front is quick & simple to deploy with no capital outlay required. A smart phone or tablet and an internet connection is all that you need to get started. Your data is securely housed in Shop Front Cloud vault, safe from hacking & other threats.

  • Available from any device & any location at any time
  • Easily update sales items on the fly
  • No private infrastructure
  • No lock in contracts
  • Easily grows with your business

Features & Benefits

Customer Features

  • Product browsing based on product category & sub-category
  • Customised product ordering with payment gateway (Visa, MasterCard, Jacobs, Diners, Amex & Others)
  • Order Scheduling
  • Bookings/Reservations/Appointments
  • Home Deliveries
  • QR code scanning
  • Social media integration

Shop Owner Features

  • Order management
  • Order notifications
  • Work flow management
  • POS (point of sale)
  • Reservation management
  • Reservation notifications
  • Delivery management
  • Shop management
  • Data analytics


Now is the time to join the app revolution

With almost %100 of consumers now owning a smart phone, shopping habits are quickly changing & app based purchasing is quickly replacing all other forms of commerce. The ease & convenience of 24 hour online shopping has resulted in explosive growth & the ability to offer consumers a direct app based shopping experience gives the shop owner a key competitive advantage. The Millennial generation is now the prime economy and given a choice will shop exclusively via apps, for many savvy business owners this creates opportunities  whilst those that are slow to adapt to app based commerce risk losing their customers to competitors that offer an easier way to shop. 

Own your customers & your data !

Unlike older ways to obtain app based orders which in many cases require you to sell your products non-profitably by paying high commissions per order or relinquish control of the customer data (or both) & slowly become increasingly reliant on subcontracted work that can end with a stroke of a pen, you can now stay ahead of your competitors by remaining in direct contact with your customers & offering an easier shopping experience. Grow your business with the help of smart technology from Shop Front Online.

Cost Effective !

Traditional App development methodologies are time consuming and expensive. The Shop Front solution is priced to be affordable by any small business and is provided as a monthly subscription service. This includes ongoing upgrades, 24 x 7 technical support and business hours on-site support from a trained Shop Front consultant.


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These Are Your Customers….. Give Them An App

  • Did you know….up to 65% of traffic on your website comes from mobile devices? The smartphone and the applications installed in it are an everyday tool for your customers.
  • What is the biggest advantage of having a mobile application? Only one click away from placing the order without logging in, waiting, entering the address.
  • Getting a marketing message to your customers is expensive, so share the app with them and save on marketing. From now on you have a permanent ad on customers’ phones.
  • Mobile App is a great tool for building a relationship. Your business logo on your customer’s mobile phone is a great advertisement.
  • Customers ordering via Mobile App do it more often and the value of the shopping cart is higher. They also read marketing messages better. 

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